No Evidence To Support Cannabis/Schizophrenia Link

Regular Marijuana Use May Cause Psychosis
Regular Marijuana Use May Cause Psychosis
Brain researcher says no studies have ever demonstrated that there is a risk of long-term psychosis with marijuana use.

Matthew Hill, of the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute has published a Perspective piece in the journal Nature voicing his concerns about other academics and journalists who suggest that cannabis use causes schizophrenia. He points out that there is little evidence of such a connection and suggests that there is actually evidence that cannabis use does not cause the mental disorder.

Cannabis use has been in the news a lot of late, particularly in the U.S. where some states have made it legal to smoke marijuana—the common name for cannabis. But because it is a hot-button topic, some, particularly those opposed to its use, have taken to looking for reasons to stop the movement—and one of those arguments is that it causes schizophrenia. The problem with that, as Hill notes, is that no one has ever proved it to be true.

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