Measuring Brain Activity May Help in Treatment of Schizophrenia

FDA Panel Recommends Ban on Electrical-Stimulation Devices
FDA Panel Recommends Ban on Electrical-Stimulation Devices
Patients with schizophrenia had similar results on an electroencephalography test, which uses electrodes to measure brain activity,

An electroencephalography (EEG) test to study and treat schizophrenia has been validated by researchers. The findings offer a clinical test that could be used to help diagnose persons at risk for developing mental illness later in life, as well as an approach for measuring the efficacies of different treatment options.

A study published online in Schizophrenia Research shows that schizophrenia patients don’t register subtle changes in reoccurring sounds as well as others and that this deficit can be measured by recording patterns of electrical brain activity obtained through EEG. 

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