Invega Trinza (paliperidone palmitate) extended-release injectable suspension for the treatment of schizophrenia, which won FDA approval in May, is now available, its manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, announced.

Invega Trinza, an atypical antipsychotic, is the first schizophrenia therapy to be administered as an injection four times a year. The mechanism of action of paliperidone is unknown but it has been proposed that the therapeutic activity of paliperidone in schizophrenia is mediated through a combination of central dopamine Type 2 (D2) and serotonin Type 2 (5HT2A) receptor antagonism.

Prior to treatment initiation, patients must be treated with monthly Invega Sustenna (paliperidone palmitate) for injection for at least four months.

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The approval of Invega Trinza was supported by strong results from a long-term maintenance trial, the results of which were published in JAMA Psychiatry in March. The data showed that 93% of patients who took the three-month medication did not experience a relapse while on it. 

Invega Trinza is available as 273mg, 410mg, 546mg, and 819mg strengths in a kit containing a prefilled syringe and safety needles.

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