Almost all patients with early Parkinson’s disease (PD) have nonmotor symptoms (NMSs), with more than a third having a severe burden of symptoms, a study shows.

Among the 170 patients with treated early PD (≤5 years from diagnosis), the burden of NMSs was mild in 29.4%, moderate in 34.1%, severe in 21.2% and very severe in 15.3%. The corresponding rates among 64 drug-naïve patients were 28.1%, 29.7%, 21.9% and 18.8%, while 1.6% had no NMSs.

Some of the most common NMSs were fatigue, reported by 57.6% and 57.8% of each group, respectively, while memory difficulties were reported by 51.2% and 48.4%, and urinary urgency by 57.1% and 46.9%.

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