New Epilepsy Drug Eyed as Alzheimer’s Treatment

Brivaracetam, which is before the FDA for approval, found to reverse memory loss in a Alzheimer's rat model.

University of British Columbia researchers say a new epilepsy drug holds promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

The findings, published in Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, reinforce the theory that brain hyperexcitability plays an important role in Alzheimer’s disease, and that anticonvulsant drugs — drugs that prevent or reduce the severity of seizures—represent a promising treatment that deserve further human studies.

In previous studies, several groups have tested the effects of the widely used anticonvulsant drug levetiracetam in both rodent models as well as two clinical trials in patients with early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. The findings suggest it may slow some of the symptoms of the disease, including memory loss.

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