Missing Gene Could Contribute To Autism

NIH Discovers New "Genomic Variants" in Schizophrenia
NIH Discovers New “Genomic Variants” in Schizophrenia
Researchers believe that people who lack the neurexin-II gene may be more likely to develop autism.

Autism is a set of complex neurological disorders that impair socialization, communication, and cognitive ability, but researchers still aren’t exactly sure what causes it. English researchers from the University of Leeds have found a gene to add to the connection of dots they’re making to figure out what causes autism.

The research team zoomed in on a gene called neurexin-II, which they already knew was associated with autism symptoms. Except this time they got to see how a live animal functioned without the gene. The mice acted with symptoms similar to those found in autistic humans, such as lack of sociability or interest in other mice interaction. 

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