Moderate Social Media Use Reduces Women’s Stress Levels

What’s social media doing to us? Is it stressing us out with its never-ending pings announcing new baby pictures, engagements, and unimportant messages to respond to? Or is it keeping us connected to people, and therefore happier? These are tricky and loaded questions, but a new survey from Pew adds a bit of evidence to the “social media reduces stress” side of the ledger. At least if you’re a lady.

The survey included a nationally representative sample of 1,801 adults, and in asking them very specific questions about how and how often the respondents used social media, Pew also administered to them a survey called the Perceived Stress Scale, or PSS, which asks how often, in the last 30 days, someone has been upset by something that happened unexpectedly, felt out of control, and so on.

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