In Shift, More Adults Than Children Now Taking ADHD Drugs

Last year, for the first time, more prescriptions for ADHD meds were given to adults (53% market share) than children, according to Shire.

ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, isn’t just for kids anymore.

Adults in the U.S. have overtaken children in taking medication for the condition and accounted for 53% of the industrywide 63 million prescriptions for ADHD drugs last year, according to data compiled by Shire Plc, which makes the top-selling Vyvanse treatment. That compared with 39% in 2007, the Dublin-based drugmaker said.

The market shift, which refutes the common perception that ADHD is a pediatric condition, has occurred partly because the disorder persists into adulthood, according to studies. More parents of children with ADHD — which leads to restlessness, lack of focus and impulsive behavior — also getting diagnosed amid a growing awareness that it can be inherited.

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