HealthDay News — College students who use tobacco, marijuana and/or binge drink are more likely to use electronic cigarettes, researchers report.

The study included more than 1,400 students, aged 18 to 23, at four colleges/universities in upstate New York who took part in an online survey.

More than 95% of the respondents knew about e-cigarettes, and nearly 30% said they had tried e-cigarettes, the survey found. Those most likely to report current or previous use of e-cigarettes included: males, younger students, whites, those with average or below average school grades, and those who have ever smoked or tried cigarettes.

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The survey results also showed that students who considered e-cigarettes to be less harmful than traditional tobacco products were also more likely to use e-cigarettes.

Among e-cigarette users, 87% said they used another nicotine product before trying e-cigarettes, and nearly 35% said they used tobacco products other than cigarettes, and/or alcohol (about 65%) in the past 30 days. In addition, nearly 36% said they used marijuana in the past year.

The study was published recently in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.


Saddleson ML, et al. Risky behaviors, e-cigarette use and susceptibility of use among college students. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2015; 149: 25-30.