Specialist Psychotherapy Not Required for Effective Early Intervention for BPD

Clinical trials have not yet put a focus on early intervention for psychosocial impairment nor have clinical trials examined the contribution of components of borderline personality disorder treatment except for individual psychotherapy. Researchers in this study looked at which combination of treatment components is adequate for an early intervention for young people with borderline personality disorder.

Neutrophils Drive Association Between Depression Polygenic Scores and White Blood Cell Count

While depression is a common psychiatric disorder, the underlying biological basis isn’t quite understood. Researchers sought to pair depression polygenic scores with the results of clinical laboratory tests in an attempt to reveal the biological processes involved in depression etiology and in the physiological changes resulting from depression.

ADHD Linked to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes

The overwhelming demands on health care resources in treating patients with COVID-19 and the heterogeneity in illness presentation highlights the need for strategies to predict which individuals are at risk for greater symptom severity.

Assessing the Effect of Palliative Care Interventions in Advanced Dementia

For the most part, palliative care has focused on the care of those with cancer. Consequently, for individuals with dementia there hasn’t been a universal approach to palliative care. However, with the increasing interest in bringing palliative care services to all people with life‐limiting illnesses, researchers sought to access the effect of palliative care on those with advanced dementia.
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