Four Steps Can Lead to Improvement in Practice Productivity

HealthDay News — Four steps can be utilized to improve practice productivity, according to an article published in Medical Economics.

Noting that most physician income depends largely on effective time use, the author of the article, Pamela Lewis Dolan, discusses ways to increase revenue and improve patient care by improving productivity.

According to Dolan, the first step toward improving productivity is conducting a workflow analysis and mapping workflow. This involves writing out the process in incremental steps. The desired improvements can then be defined and the workflow redesigned accordingly. The second step includes effective delegation, including standardizing delegation processes based on protocols. In addition, use of non-physician providers that can help improve practice productivity. Installing a patient portal is another way of improving patient communication, without use of employees’ time. Portals can allow patient to send messages, check laboratory results, and schedule appointments. Finally, employee motivation is an important aspect of improving productivity.

“It starts with putting detailed processes in place that physicians and employees can turn to when navigating challenges, allowing each practice member to do the work they are trained to do, and freeing up the physician to do what he or she does best: treat patients,” Dolan writes.