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Antidepressants and Youth: A Decade since the "Black Box"

Antidepressants and Youth: A Decade since the “Black Box”

Ten years ago, the Food and Drug Administration mandated that all antidepressants carry a prominent “black box” warning to alert prescribers of the potential danger in children and adolescents of these medications leading to new suicidal thoughts or actions.  The warning came in the midst of …

A Nation of Narcessists?

A Nation of Narcessists?

In our last post, we considered the tellin signs that Elliot Rodger had narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), according to NPD’s DSM-5 criteria. TREATMENTS: Psychologists have trouble treating those with NPD. One obstacle is that those with NPD don’t typically seek treatment. Those with NPD may at one level loathe themselves but consciously think they are superior and faultless. If they’re having problems,…

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