Lung surfactants/mucolytics:

Indications for PULMOZYME:

Management of cystic fibrosis in conjunction with standard therapies to improve pulmonary function.

Adults and Children:

<3months: not recommended. Use appropriate nebulizer. Do not dilute. >5yrs: 2.5mg once daily via nebulization; may increase to 2.5mg twice daily (see literature).


For patients <5yrs of age, use only if there is a potential for benefit in pulmonary function or in risk of respiratory tract infection. Use only with recommended nebulizers. Pregnancy (Cat.B). Nursing mothers.


Do not mix with other drugs in nebulizer.

Adverse Reactions:

Pharyngitis, voice alteration, laryngitis, rash, chest pain, conjunctivitis.

How Supplied:

Amps (2.5mL)—30

Pricing for PULMOZYME

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