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Bacillary Angiomatosis (epithelioid angiomatosis)

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? The diagnosis of bacillary angiomatosis (BA) can be made by finding the characteristic skin lesions confirmed by histopathologic examination (Figure 1). Biopsy shows angioproliferation and microorganisms stained with Warthin-Starry silver stain (Figure 2). Patients are usually immunocompromised. Although BA is a systemic disease, the cutaneous lesions lead to recognition…


Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? What you should be alert for in the history Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic infection of mucous membranes, especially of nostrils and ocular conjunctiva. Involvement of the oral mucosa, skin, genitalia, urethra and anus has also been reported. The disease remains localized though disseminated lesions can sometimes occur. Characteristic findings…

Hydroa Vacciniforme

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? Characteristic findings on physical examination The diagnosis of hydroa vacciniforme (HV) is based on close clinicohistopathologic correlation. HV usually starts during the first decade of life, but cases of adult onset are known. Sunlight exposure usually induces skin lesions. The name of HV reflects the clinical apearance. The primary…

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