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Pediatric Shock – Assessment and Treatment

Pediatric Shock – Assessment and Treatment Shock is an acute disruption of circulatory function leading to the inadequate delivery of nutrients to tissues (SUPPLY<<<DEMAND). A low blood pressure is not diagnostic, especially in children: given remarkable ability to compensate. Related Conditions Immunocompromised Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Secondary adrenal insufficiency 1. Description of the problem What…


1. Description of the problem What every clinician needs to know Calcium regulation is critical for normal cell function, neural transmission, membrane stability, bone structure, blood coagulation and intracellular signaling. In the blood, about half of all calcium is bound to proteins such as albumin, but it is the unbound, or ionized, calcium that the…

Upper Airway Disease/Obstruction (upper airway obstruction, stridor, croup)

1. Description of the problem Basic concepts and physiology 1. Poiseuille’s Law 2. Pediatric airway: Given that a decrease in radius size increases resistance significantly, children who have small airways to begin with are at risk of having a significant increase in airway resistance from even a small amount of swelling. 3. Upper airway narrowing…

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