Teens with Addiction Have Few Recovery Programs

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Substance abuse treatment is rare in children's hospitals and is also lacking on the state level as there are not enough enough resources available to help this population. As a result, parents often turn to the Internet for help, often finding high-price care far from home and with no guarantee the treatment will work. And that makes such treatment cost-prohibitive for many families.

Experts say the success of rehab is measured by more than whether a teen has to return for treatment. Measures for treatment success should focus on the reduction of harm to society and to the individual.

Teens with Addiction Have Few Recovery Programs
Teens with Addiction Have Few Recovery Programs
Deborah Scott's 13-year-old daughter had been receiving hospital treatment for heroin addiction for 20 days when a representative from her insurance company called to say they would no longer cover the treatment. “There is no other disorder or disease that is as undertreated in adolescents as substance use disorders,” says Samuel Ball, president and CEO of CASAColumbia, an organization that researches addiction and treatments.
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