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More Emphasis Needed on Early Prevention, ...

A Psychiatry Advisor Editorial Board member discusses mood disorders, medical comorbidities and cognitive decline associated with depression.

Defining Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

DMDD was added to the DSM-5 last year to deal with the problem of over diagnosing bipolar disorder in children.

Factors Influencing Childhood-Onset Psychiatric Disorders

National health registries and genetic tools are among the new methods used to examine the origin of childhood-onset disorders.

Mental Health Care in the LGBT ...

Practitioners should be aware of risk factors specific to LGBT mental health in order to provide the best treatment possible in this population.

New Treatments for Youth with Bipolar ...

One recently completed study finds that psychotherapy combined with taking omega-3 fatty acids benefits adolescents with bipolar disorder.

Reducing Psychiatric Patient Boarding

Improvements can be made to prevent scourge of psychiatric patients languishing in hospital emergency departments for long hours.

Treating Cognitive Decline in Depression

Clinicians should treat the depression fully and effectively first, before tackling cognitive issues.

Helping Psychiatric Patients Quit Smoking

Mental health clinicians should work with their patients to help them quit smoking, given the success of pharmacotherapies and comorbidities.

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Treating Psychiatric Patients of Different Cultural Backgrounds

Clinicians that make the effort to understand a patient's cultural background can create better rapport, improving treatment.

Mindfulness Meditation for Mood Disorders

Mindfulness Meditation for Mood Disorders

Two studies indicate mindfulness mediation impacts the size of two key brain structures involved in mood regulation.

Opinion ADHD Often Lurks In Other Illnesses, But Frequently Left Untreated

ADHD Often Lurks In Other Illnesses, But Frequently Left Untreated

ADHD is often found in patients complaining of other illnesses, yet the former often goes untreated in those circumstances.

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