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Addressing Psychiatric Disorders in Athletes

The development of the psyche of an athlete typically begins in childhood and evolves through the life cycle.

Expert Opinion: Surgeon General's Addiction Report

If we invest in evidence-based addiction treatment that is invested in the dignity of every person who needs that treatment, many more people will find themselves ready to seek it out.

Psychiatric Care for Incarcerated Patients

According to one review, there are more individuals with serious mental illness in correctional institutions than in all US state hospitals.

Cognitive Processes' Influence on Pain Perception

Evidence indicates that distraction can provide pain relief, highlighting the influence cognitive processes have on pain perception.

Human Studies Advancing Pain Management

Research on monogenic disorders has made vital contributions to all aspects of medical care, including our understanding of pain pathophysiology.

Medication Overuse Headache: Diagnosis & Treatment

The recovery time varies depending on which class of medication the patient is overusing.

Beliefs & Attitudes, Insomnia, and Pain

The Pain-Related Beliefs and Attitudes about Sleep (PBAS) scale offers a tool to assess the interaction between sleep, insomnia and chronic pain.

Update on Anorexia Treatment and Research

It's the deadliest mental illness. What's being done about it?
Neurocognitive Disorders A Successful Approach to Reduce Phobic Behavior

A Successful Approach to Reduce Phobic Behavior

Investigators used fMRI to examine whether disruption of long-term fear memory reconsolidation can attenuate the activity in the amygdala at re-exposure to fear cues.

THC Causes Cognitive Indolence

Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive chemical ingredient in cannabis.

Encrypting Patient Health Information

Encrypting Patient Health Information

HIPAA doesn't require providers to encrypt devices or electronic information, but many experts highly recommend it.

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