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Neuroinflammation and Brain Disorders

Clinicians should encourage patients to make lifestyle changes that will favorably impact the body's inflammatory system.

Women and Mental Health

Despite advances in the last decade, many pregnant women with depression still do not receive adequate treatment.

Yoga and Mental Health

A growing body of research demonstrates that yoga can improve symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Patient Satisfaction and Inpatient Care

Although patient satisfaction is associated with positive outcomes, measuring it accurately can often prove difficult.

Parasite’s Possible Role in Mental Illnesses

Toxoplasma gondii has been implicated in mental illnesses, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Violence and Aggression in Human Behavior

Fear, neurological problems, or conduct behavior disorders can increase the potential for aggression in people.

Sleep Problems with Psychiatric Disorders

Sleep dysfunction may be a symptom of mental disorders and should be targeted for treatment by clinicians.

ACA Survey Results: Have Opinions Changed?

<br>Nearly 400 healthcare providers responded to the Affordable Care Act Survey between December 2014 and February 2015, answering questions about how their opinion on health reform has changed since it was signed into law in March 2010.</br> <br>View the slideshow to learn more about how clinicians feel the ACA has influenced how they spend their time, revenue per patient and health care costs.</br> <br>A note about respondent demographics: Medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy made up the largest proportion of survey respondents (76%), followed by nurse practitioners (17%) and physician assistants (5%). Slightly more respondents were male (58%) than female (42%).</br> <br>The largest ....

Traumatic Brain Injury: Features and Management

A discussion of the features, treatment and prevention of traumatic brain injuries.

Further Evidence Links Chronic Fatigue with Viruses

Growing evidence boosts support for antiviral therapy in treating chronic fatigue syndrome.

Opinion Further Evidence Links Chronic Fatigue with Viruses

Further Evidence Links Chronic Fatigue with Viruses

Growing evidence boosts support for antiviral therapy in treating chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Campaign to Change Direction in Mental Health

The Campaign to Change Direction in Mental Health

New coalition of non-profit groups and private sector leaders has come together to raise awareness of mental health treatment.

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