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Smoking Preceding Psychosis

University of Washington Tobacco Scholar Joseph Cerimele, MD, MPH, discusses the relationship between smoking and psychiatric illness.

Sexual Assault Against Women in the ...

A growing body of research finds disproportionately high rates of sexual assault among servicewomen.

Adolescents Especially Vulnerable to Suicide Clusters

A potential hurdle for clinicians and communities following adolescent suicides is to promote preventability while simultaneously reducing feelings of guilt.

Digital Dissemination of Research

New platform helps clinicians bridge the gap in translation of knowledge from bench to bedside.

Cognitive Function in Major Depressive Disorder

Patients commonly report inter-episodic cognitive complaints during the "remitted" phases of depression that negatively affect their ability to engage in more cognitively demanding activities.

Clinical Practice Guidelines in Schizophrenia

The methodological quality of schizophrenia guidelines varies, while lack of consistency across guidelines and inadequate adherence in the clinical setting can impact the quality of care and outcome.

Collaboration Between Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry

Discussion with practitioners from either side elicits arguments about the shortcomings of the other. How can disputes be mitigated?

Managing Bipolar Disorder with Smartphone Apps

Great potential exists for using objective smartphone data to discriminate between depressive and manic states in patients with bipolar disorder.

Efficacy of OTC Memory Supplements

Study reports on the availability of safety and efficacy data for over-the-counter supplements for improving brain health.

Opinion Understanding the Zika Virus and Outbreak

Understanding the Zika Virus and Outbreak

The WHO has declared Zika a "global health emergency" and predicted the likely spread of the virus to all Western Hemisphere countries except Canada and Chile.

Reactivity in the Wake of Shootings

Reactivity in the Wake of Shootings

Gun violence places a significant burden on the nation's public health and wellbeing.

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