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Understanding Pseudobulbar Affect

Pseudobulbar affect, which involves uncontrollable emotional outbursts, has been reported in diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Could Psychedelics Treat Mental Disorders?

One psychiatrist is calling on authorities to declassify psychedelic drugs to study their therapeutic potential for mental illnesses.

How One’s Sex Influences PTSD Risk

While PTSD is thought by many to primarily impact men, rates are twice as high in women as men.

Treatment of Psychotic Disorders

Antipsychotics have been effective in the treatment of psychotic disorders, but clinicians must be cognizant of side effects.

Treatment Challenges for Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis

PD psychosis is underreported and faces treatment challenges, though a new treatment on the horizon may change that.

Self-Defining Memories in Depression and Bipolar ...

Having those with depression or bipolar disorder recall positive memories about themselves can help in their recovery.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Treating OCD

Exposure and response prevention is considered the first-line CBT therapy for those with OCD.

Beliefs About Thoughts Influence Mental Illness ...

Targeting dysfunctional beliefs patients hold about thoughts could help treat depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Night Program Takes Care of Alzheimer's Patients With Sleep Problems

The RiverSpring at Night program treats Alzheimer's patients with sleep problems in a drug-free environment with nighttime activities.

Practice Management 'Patient' Vs. 'Client': How Semantics Influences the Practice of Psychiatry

'Patient' Vs. 'Client': How Semantics Influences the Practice of Psychiatry

Rather than worry about how to refer to patients, the psychiatry community should relish its distinctive role in bringing mind and body together.

Standing Up Against the Criminalization of Mental Illness

Standing Up Against the Criminalization of Mental Illness

The nation's first mental health court turns 18 this month, and more than 17,000 people have received treatment instead of a jail sentence.

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