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Managing Obesity in Psychiatric Patients

Clinicians managing a patient with a mental disorder who is also obese should treat both conditions.

Current Concepts in Asperger Syndrome

Changes in DSM-5 under autism spectrum disorder have implications for services provided to Asperger's patients.

Are Antidepressants Safe for Pregnant Women?

Links between antidepressant use in pregnant women and birth defects, autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder are inconsistent.

A Pharmacogenetic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Genetics influence treatment response to medications for drug and alcohol dependence, and may be a clinical tool in the next decade.

Adult Autism and Mental Illness

Clinicians need to be aware of and treat co-occuring mental health conditions in adults with autism.

The ABCs of Treatment-Resistant Anxiety

Cognitive-behavioral therapy should be tried first before adding an antidepressant as part of treatment.

Treatment Considerations for Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding disorder, which impacts up to 5% of the population, can be treated with a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and antidepressants.

Liability Protections With Suicidal Patients

Conducting a patient risk assessment and maintaining documentation of treatment decisions can protect against malpractice actions.

Treating Impulse-Control Disorders

New chapter in DSM-5 covers disorders including antisocial personality, intermittent explosive disorder and kleptomania.

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Why the Holiday Season May Actually Curb Depression

Despite reports that the holiday season contributes to a rise in anxiety and depression, Christmastime may actually help to improve mood.

Opinion Teaching Telepsychiatry in the Age of Health Care Reform

Teaching Telepsychiatry in the Age of Health Care Reform

Telepsychiatry training for residents will ensure that the potential of the technology is fully realized.

Collaborative Mental Health Care For Underserved Patients

Collaborative Mental Health Care For Underserved Patients

Embedding behavioral health providers in a federally qualified health center reaps benefits for underserved patients.

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