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Recovery, Medical Models Meet in Emergency ...

Embracing the best of both psychiatric care models can help lead the way to a middle-ground approach that better benefits urgent care patients.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

<p>Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric condition characterized by uncontrollable obsessions. In order to relieve the anxiety caused by these obsessions, a patient with OCD feels compelled to perform specific rituals or routines, called compulsions. This cycle of obsessions and compulsions significantly interferes with daily life. Read through the slideshow to learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of OCD.</p>

Psychiatry Advisor Job Board

Whether you are on the hunt for a new career in psychiatry, or searching for a highly-qualified professional for your practice, the Psychiatry Advisor Job Board can help you out.

Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder

While bright light therapy is the standard of care for SAD, cognitive-behavioral therapy and antidepressants can also be considered.

The Promise and Potential of Telepsychiatry

Telepsychiatry is already proven to benefit patients in rural settings, and better reimbursement will help it expand.

Treatment of Eating Disorders

Psychotherapy is useful in treating bulimia and binge eating, while anorexia remains the most difficult eating disorder to tackle.

Most Popular Articles of 2014

An opinion piece arguing how attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is found in other illnesses but is often left untreated was the most popular article of 2014.

Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2014

<p>The Cleveland Clinic has selected the top 10 medical innovations that they predict will have the biggest impact on improving patient care in 2015. The selections include more effective medications, new vaccines, and novel devices that improve upon existing treatment options. View the slideshow to learn more about each of the 10 innovations.</p>

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NeuroAnalysis: A New Diagnostic Method for Mental Disorders

NeuroAnalysis with Clinical Brain Profiling challenges DSM-5 as an alternative neuro-scientific diagnostic approach to mental disorders.

Schizophrenia and Psychoses The Scott Panetti Case: Why Executing Mentally Ill Prisoners is Unjust

The Scott Panetti Case: Why Executing Mentally Ill Prisoners is Unjust

The case of Scott Panetti, a schizophrenic who killed two people, highlights why mental illness needs to be taken into account with the death penalty.

The Role of Genetics in Autism

The Role of Genetics in Autism

Studying the human genome for certain genetic mutations may help to predict autism.

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Musculoskeletal, Neurologic, Psych/Behavioral ScienceExternal web site

This module reviews all topics on the NCCPA examination blueprint relating to the Musculoskeletal, Neurologic, ...

CME 5.25 Credits

Case 1: Acute Case of SchizophreniaExternal web site

This case study features a 22-year old female patient hospitalized with a first episode of ...

CME 0.50 Credits

Diagnosing and Managing a Movement DisorderExternal web site

How will you evaluate and treat a 50-year-old woman with non-specific complaints of depression, shoulder ...

CME|CPE|CE 1.00 Credits

Nonadherence and Its Impact in SchizophreniaExternal web site

This activity is designed for nurses and nurse practitioners who manage patients with schizophrenia that increases ...

CE 1.40 Credits

Clinical Decision Making in Action: A Medical Student With Bipolar DisorderExternal web site

Madeline is a 27-year-old medical student with a personal and positive family history of bipolar ...

CME|CPE|CE 1.00 Credits
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