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Depression, Loneliness Associated With Facebook Addiction

Physicians who deem Facebook use compulsive should prescribe taking a 1-week break.

Art Therapy for Patients with Psychosis

A patient does not have to be verbal to benefit from art therapy.

Theater as Tx for Autism in ...

Psychiatrists should think beyond traditional models of therapy when looking to engage patients with ASD.

Medical Student Well-Being an Environmental Health ...

Effort must be made to create a more supportive medical education environment.

Sexual Health in Clinical Care

The PLISSIT model offers a method for introducing sexual health into the clinical conversation.

Serious Side Effects of Clozapine Seen

This case offers evidence of the interaction between ciprofloxacin and clozapine.

Addressing Psychiatric Disorders in Athletes

The development of the psyche of an athlete typically begins in childhood and evolves through the life cycle.

Expert Opinion: Surgeon General's Addiction Report

If we invest in evidence-based addiction treatment that is invested in the dignity of every person who needs that treatment, many more people will find themselves ready to seek it out.
Neurocognitive Disorders A Successful Approach to Reduce Phobic Behavior

A Successful Approach to Reduce Phobic Behavior

Investigators used fMRI to examine whether disruption of long-term fear memory reconsolidation can attenuate the activity in the amygdala at re-exposure to fear cues.

THC Causes Cognitive Indolence

Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive chemical ingredient in cannabis.

Opting Out of Medicare: A Physician's Perspective

Opting Out of Medicare: A Physician's Perspective

One physician discusses her experience with opting out of Medicare and offers advice to physicians considering doing the same.

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