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Depression in Epilepsy: Detection and Treatment

Psychiatric comorbidities including depression are a common complication of epilepsy in both children and adults.

Bipolar Disorder: Pharmacologic Options for Treatment

While lithium has been the mainstay of treatment for decades, several other classes of medication have recently been used with varying degrees of success.

Gender Differences in Concussion Diagnosis, Treatment

Compared with male athletes, female athletes face a greater incidence of and longer recovery time from concussion.

Failed Solanezumab Trial and Importance of ...

Ronald Petersen, MD, PhD, discusses the implications of the failed solanezumab trial.

Theater as Tx for Autism in ...

Psychiatrists should think beyond traditional models of therapy when looking to engage patients with ASD.

Managing Depression, Anxiety in Parkinson's

Neuropsychiatric symptoms such as depression and anxiety are common in Parkinson's Disease, but often go unrecognized.

Attitudes Toward Suicide Among Blacks and ...

Factors such as shame and stigma impede the dialogue about mental illness across cultures.

Art Therapy for Patients with Psychosis

A patient does not have to be verbal to benefit from art therapy.
Neurocognitive Disorders A Successful Approach to Reduce Phobic Behavior

A Successful Approach to Reduce Phobic Behavior

Investigators used fMRI to examine whether disruption of long-term fear memory reconsolidation can attenuate the activity in the amygdala at re-exposure to fear cues.

THC Causes Cognitive Indolence

Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive chemical ingredient in cannabis.

Psychosis requires earlier identification and treatment.

Psychosis requires earlier identification and treatment.

Delays in treatment for psychosis can be associated with poorer outcomes.

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