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Is This Patient Suicidal?

Many suicidal people experience difficulty describing their internal states, making assessment more challenging and demanding a high level of skill.

Effective OCD Therapy

Several promising novel treatment options exist for those with OCD.

Preventing Veteran Suicide

As the Congress, VA, CDC and the Obama Administration address the issue, recent neuroimaging studies point to effective diagnostic tools available for PTSD and TBI — two common conditions among suicide victims.

Utility of Neuroimaging in Depression

Neuroimaging studies have shown several neurophysiological substrates for depression: An overview by Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD.

Surgical Weight Loss Device: Assisted Bulimia?

FDA approval was based on a single clinical trial involving 111 patients, which was funded by the device manufacturer.

The Future of Mental Health Apps

Nicola Davies, PhD, suggests that a great deal of research is still required, but apps are certainly showing great promise as a means of enhancing treatment outcomes when used as an adjunct to therapy and medication.

Body Dysmorphia is Underrecognized and Underdiagnosed

The behaviors associated with body dysmorphic disorder diminish quality of life and create tremendous interference.

Pathological Grief Disorder, Diagnostic Criteria

Dr Nicola Davies explores how diagnostic recognition could facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of this serious condition.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Nutrition

Ann Neumayer, MD, suggests that giving too many supplements can be harmful as well as giving too few.
Intellectual Disabilities Managing Epilepsy in Patients With Intellectual Disability

Managing Epilepsy in Patients With Intellectual Disability

The associated morbidities and deficits make epilepsy care for adults with intellectual disability complex.

Children With ADHD and Positive Reinforcement

Children with ADHD may adapt more poorly to changing positive reinforcements compared with typically developing children.

Efficacy of OTC Memory Supplements

Efficacy of OTC Memory Supplements

Study reports on the availability of safety and efficacy data for over-the-counter supplements for improving brain health.

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