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Physical Pain Impacts Suicidal Thoughts, Behaviors

A meta-analysis quantifies the association between chronic pain and the spectrum of suicidal behaviors.

Diagnosing, Treating PTSD and Comorbid Depression

By far, the highest risk of PTSD is among combat veterans, whose likelihood of exposure to severely traumatizing events is much higher than the average person.

The Link Between ADHD and Addiction

Impulsivity underlies some types of ADHD, as well as substance abuse.

Music May Help Dementia Due to ...

In one study, a singing intervention improved working memory among patients with mild dementia and helped to preserve executive function and orientation.

Inflammation and Mental Disorders

Targeting inflammation could be an effective treatment strategy for certain patients with anxiety and depression.

Psychiatry and Domestic Violence

Psychiatrists can play a key role in detecting signs of abuse, helping the individual to create a safety plan, and providing trauma interventions.

Treating Depression and Pain Together

Treating these chronic conditions together may minimize the stigma of depression treatment.

Nature As Mental Health Therapy

Mounting evidence indicates that greater contact with nature can help alleviate anxiety, depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Gratitude and Mental Health

Gratitude can help people to become more social and develop deeper and healthier relationships, which in turn can improve their emotional health.

Mood Disorders Can Subtyping Depressive Symptoms Predict Antidepressant Response?

Can Subtyping Depressive Symptoms Predict Antidepressant Response?

Many clinicians have a working assumption that subtyping patients is a critical process relevant to antidepressant treatment selection.

How Social Media Can Be Used For Suicide Prevention

How Social Media Can Be Used For Suicide Prevention

A small project in Australia has high school students and researchers developing suicide prevention interventions using social media.

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