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Liability Protections With Suicidal Patients

Conducting a patient risk assessment and maintaining documentation of treatment decisions can protect against malpractice actions.

Treating Impulse-Control Disorders

New chapter in DSM-5 covers disorders including antisocial personality, intermittent explosive disorder and kleptomania.

Behavioral Approaches in Autism Treatment

Training parents to apply behavioral principles at home is becoming increasingly popular.

Using Antipsychotics for Anxiety Disorders

While antipsychotics are useful in some types of anxiety disorders, cognitive-behavioral therapy may be preferable in others.

Psychiatry Advisor Social Media Survey 2014

<p>How do psychiatrists and other mental health professionals use social media? Do you suffer from fear of missing out — also known as FOMO — wondering if your colleagues are getting more out of social media websites than you?</p><br/> <p>Could you advance your career if you networked on LinkedIn? Might you attract more patients by promoting your practice on Facebook? Be the first person to know about new studies relevant to psychiatric disorders by keeping tabs on Twitter?</p><br/><p><i>Psychiatry Advisor’s</i> Social Media Survey attempts to answer those questions. Overall, 152 psychiatrists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners responded to our survey in ....

More Emphasis Needed on Early Prevention, ...

A Psychiatry Advisor Editorial Board member discusses mood disorders, medical comorbidities and cognitive decline associated with depression.

Defining Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

DMDD was added to the DSM-5 last year to deal with the problem of over diagnosing bipolar disorder in children.

Factors Influencing Childhood-Onset Psychiatric Disorders

National health registries and genetic tools are among the new methods used to examine the origin of childhood-onset disorders.

Mental Health Care in the LGBT ...

Practitioners should be aware of risk factors specific to LGBT mental health in order to provide the best treatment possible in this population.

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Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment

A psychiatric nurse talks about a recovery center's work in treating co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness together.

Opinion Ideas For Making Psychiatry Residencies Better

Ideas For Making Psychiatry Residencies Better

Emphasizing the role nutrition plays in mental illness, as well as teaching about neuroscience developments, can better prepare residents.

Antipsychotics, Foster Kids, and Child Psychiatrists

Antipsychotics, Foster Kids, and Child Psychiatrists

Child psychiatrists are caught in the middle of new laws that aim to restrict prescribing of psychotropics to children.

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Case 1: Acute Case of SchizophreniaExternal web site

This case study features a 22-year old female patient hospitalized with a first episode of ...

CME 0.50 Credits

Diagnosing and Managing a Movement DisorderExternal web site

How will you evaluate and treat a 50-year-old woman with non-specific complaints of depression, shoulder ...

CME|CPE|CE 1.00 Credits

Nonadherence and Its Impact in SchizophreniaExternal web site

This activity is designed for nurses and nurse practitioners who manage patients with schizophrenia that increases ...

CE 1.40 Credits

Clinical Decision Making in Action: A Medical Student With Bipolar DisorderExternal web site

Madeline is a 27-year-old medical student with a personal and positive family history of bipolar ...

CME|CPE|CE 1.00 Credits

Examining BED Management in Primary Care PracticeExternal web site

Despite being the most common eating disorder in the United States, binge eating disorder (BED) ...

CME 0.25 Credits
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